For over 30 years, Muntech Products has been a leading provider of innovative and high-quality products for consumers across multiple channels of trade.  A family business, which continues to be exclusively family owned and operated, based in Ontario Canada with its principal place of business in North America, Muntech continues down the strategic pathway to provide value to consumers and trading parents alike across a mix of categories.  This successful pathway continues to be defined by producing high performing products that provide category innovation and alternatives in both performance and delivery in consumer products.

Beginning with the DeFlea and Natural Chemistry branded product lines, Muntech pioneered category altering, safe and effective alternatives for Grooming and Pest consumers.  Both of these brands were the first to introduce all natural, botanical based formulations as an alternative to heavy chemical dominant products.  From this, Muntech designed and formulated several additional high performing, natural based products including enzyme-based stain & odor control, small animal, reptile and bird products, habitat cleansers and deodorizers, additional grooming products as well as among the first to introduce a natural flea & tick topical solution.  Today, our blends can be found worldwide in a number of private brands across all retail and distribution channels.  

With the Introduction of the PetStrips branded products in 2018, we set a course not only consistent with our tradition to lead with innovation, but with a renewed sense of responsibility to introduce products that our safe for our environment.  Our PetStrips Supplement assortment continues to be the only safe and effective nutraceutical delivery alternative and with the introduction of our PetStrips Shampoo, a cutting-edge shampoo delivery method is completely independent of a plastic bottle. Our use of water soluble film technology has grown to include a multitude of products across multiple consumer product categories. 

Continuing with the launch of Planted Plastics in 2022, Muntech has once again broken new ground in providing sustainable packaging alternatives for traditional petroleum based packaging.  Planted Plastics technology is made from sugarcane, a 99% annually renewable source material.  With performance standards equal to its fossil fuel based competitors, Planted Plastics can offer complete sustainability in Thermoform, Injection Mold or Blow molded based applications.  With this final puzzle piece firmly in play, we can now offer turn-key products that are earth friendly and significantly lessen our dependance on fossil fuels.

Through creative innovation and a focus on environmental responsibility, we remain true to the strategic pathway to provide only the best in product choices for the marketplace.  We strive to invest in technologies that change the way that we package and distribute products that will have significant and meaningful impacts to our carbon footprint.  We aim to align ourselves with a community of partners that share our vision and uphold our standards of promoting biodegradable based materials that will protect future generations.